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Hi there,

I am jivita, founder of Cute Printable.com.

I started Cute Printable because I love to design. In fact, I have a store on Zazzle by the name Ssoulhealers. I started on Zazzle way back in 2017 when I had no idea what I am doing and quite new to the online world:)) I liked the idea that I can design different things that can really sell. It was more like a fun project for me.

The story goes back to my school days when I successfully cleared the Elementary Drawing exam. It reassured me that I can draw and design very well.

Today when it’s almost 5 years working online and a better understanding of it, I am starting my new venture that’s dedicated to Wall Arts and Printables.

In the meantime, I created many websites relating to different niches like Reiki, Affiliate Marketing & Local SEO. Honestly, I never planned to make a website for Wall Arts and Printables.

But I was in search of creating some digital product, after creating my first Kindle Book, An Unconventional Outlook: Reiki. I somehow landed on a short course: Printable Wall Art Empire by Alessandro Zamboni.

I really like the concept and being a Law of Attraction Coach, it instantly catches my attention to how possibly a good Wall Art can impact a person’s subconscious mind and really help to achieve his/her goals.

Our subconscious mind works when we teach it again and again. In short to mold our subconscious mind we need to work on it repeatedly. Wall Arts come into picture here.

Wall Arts are not mere images but these can give us “Aha!” moments of inspiration or meaningful insights into our personal and professional lives. They are the words you want to print out and tape up on your wall so you’ll see them every day. The message slowly gets absorb in your subconscious mind and I assure you it will bring a positive result in your life.

To get started, I am offering 5 High Resolution Wall Arts that can be printed at home or at a local shop. I have chosen different themes for this free gift from Cute Printable. Gratitude, Love, Kidz, Abundance & Prosperity, & Flower of Life. I think it covers all areas of our life.

These wall arts are exclusive to my Cute Printable Subscribers.


You will receive a zipped folder of 35 files (without watermark), for each image you will get:

1. Printable JPG art file of 2:3 ratio.
2. Printable JPG art file of 3:4 ratio.
3. Printable JPG art file of 4:5 ratio. These can be printed in the following sizes: 4*5, 8*10, 16*20, 24*30, 32*40 inches (up to 80cms*100cms).
4. Printable JPG art file of 5:7 ratio.
5. Printable JPG art file of 11:14 ratio.
6. Printable JPG art file of 11:14 ratio.(PDF)
7. Universal size for A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 & A6

So subscribe now to Cute Printable.


I hope you will like this little gift from Cute Printable and don’t forget to have a look at my latest designs.

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