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Welcome to Cute Printable!

I am really happy that you are thinking about joining the $1 club, and I assure you that you will not be regretted. So first let me explain to you what is $1 club is and why should you join it?

As you know besides this site cuteprintable.com, I also have an Etsy shop cuteprintablestudio. The basic concept of my Etsy shop was to create different tools which will be helpful to you in your inner journey, at affordable prices.

$1 Club is the extension of that venture. Once you join the $1 club, you will get all my products for $1 for a limited period, say for a week. After that, the product will be available at a regular price.

Also, you will be notified by email, every time a $1 promotion is launched so that you should be the first person to get notified!

What’s the latest deal in $1 Club?

Modern Spell Journal

Modern Spell Journal Includes:
1. 35 Page Modern Spell Journal
2. Front & Back Cover
3. Belongs to Page
4. Two different Variations of Spell pages

It is on sale only for a limited time, so check out now Here

What’s the next product in line?

Halloween Activity & Colouring Book

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I hope you will enjoy your $1 Club subscription, it’s totally free to join.
Also feel free to contact me if you need any help: shubh@cuteprintable.com


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