Mandala Colouring With Louise’s Affirmation

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8th October is Louise’s birthday and in her loving memory, I have created these 25 Mandala Colouring Pages with her affirmations.

Banner Mandala coloring with louise's affirmations

Louise needs no introduction.

she has touched thousands of lives, including mine with her insight and findings about life.
and to my amazement, she has shared it all without any reservations.
Louise was all about self-love, gratitude, and faith in life itself.
Love was the core foundation of all her teachings, be it self-love, love for other people, neighbors, co-workers, and love for life.
To celebrate Louise’s birthday, I created a 25-page coloring book, around the theme of Love with Louise’s affirmations. There are many ways you can these coloring pages.
You can color it,
create a project with your kids around affirmations and self-love,
color, laminate, and hang it!
The best part is it’s digital, so you can create as many copies as you wish!

Feel free to download it.
Color and share it, tag #reikiamazes, so I can have a look at your beautiful creations!

Some of Louise’s affirmations:

  • I deserve all that is good.
  • I am a gift to the world.
  • I love my world.
  • I reflect the beauty of life.
  • I express confidence and self-love.

and many more…

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