Publish Low Content Books: An Easy Way To Make Money Online

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Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of today’s subject of Publish Low Content I want to share a short story about how I started with low content books.  As you know I have a website,  dedicated to helping people to start their own business for free, I wanted to start something that’s purely digital for myself.  After spending a few years in the online business, I know for sure that digital products are easy to create compared to physical ones and a growing market with other many benefits.

Last year, I jumped into Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), my first book was about Reiki, An Unconventional Outlook Towards Reiki,  very obvious I wrote my first book on Reiki as I worked as a Reiki Master Teacher for the longest time of my life. Actually, I started my online career with Reiki, and my first website is dedicated to Reiki.

The main intention to write a Reiki book was to create a brand for myself rather than as an earning opportunity.  After a few days, I wrote another book on Money Reiki.

After publishing these two books, I kind of ignored KDP because it takes a lot of time to write a book, and at that time I didn’t realize that it takes a few months to show the result.

Surprisingly after a few months, I got an email from Amazon for my monthly earnings, oh and then I realized that my books are making a few sales, without doing any effort on my part. That was a happy moment, knowing that all the efforts that I put to create my books were bearing fruits now!

But now I focused on creating Low Content Books (LCB), as it can be really exhausting to create a full-fledged book or novel.  LCBooks are very easy to create, less time-consuming, and in-demand too!  So you might be thinking what are Low or No Content Books and is it an easy way to make money? Let’s start our discussion.

What Are Low & No Content Books?

Low-content books are paperback books that contain little to no text or images. These books are very easy to create, less time-consuming, and in great demand. The perfect combination to make Passive income. 

Creative LCB is passive in the sense that Amazon takes care of everything. Once you have your book published, and if it makes sales, Amazon’s going to print the book, ship the book and send it to your customers. So you don’t have to handle any of that.

some examples of Low & No-Content Books

  • Composition Notebooks
  • Journals
  • Planners
  • Diaries
  • Recipe Books
  • Coloring books
  • LogBooks
  • ActivityBooks etc.

as you know in most of these books, there is very little or no written content.  For example, in a composition notebook, there is nothing but lined papers.  so these books are very easy to create. 

How to make low & No-content books?

The best part of creating LCB is you can create it for free if you are just starting out.

To start with You will need an Amazon KDP account, a Canva account, or any other tool that you prefer to create your book interior. Amazon KDP and Canva both are free. Canva also has a paid version but to get started Canva Free account is fine.

Sign up for Free Amazon KDP account.

Sign Up for a Free Canva Account

There are also many free & paid resources are available like Bookbolt, Tangent templates, Creative Fabrica where you can create or get your book interior.

Easiest No Content Book to start with

The easiest No Content Book to start with is creating notebooks, you will get the interior for your book free on

You can create books in different dimensions also if you prefer like 6×9 or 8×11 and so on. Here is a short video explaining how to create low-content books on

Now we will need the book cover dimension for our book, and you will get the book cover dimension & template from KDP itself. KDP has many free resources., will help you to create the cover template for your book.

Let’s Validate our idea of Creating Notebooks.

If we search on Amazon for a very generic keyword like “notebook” this product is on the 1st page. It’s also a best-seller with 1000+ reviews.

best seller notebook on Amazon

It costs 4.99 dollars and it’s a college-ruled 110 pages book with a dimension of 8.5×11.

Now you can use a free chrome extension like Productor to find out the BSR of a particular product.  BSR is the Amazon bestseller rank.

Get Chrome Extension Productor Here.

and with the help of BSR, you can find out the approximately daily and monthly sales for that particular product.

This notebook has a BSR of 1885, now with the help of some free tools, we can find its daily and monthly sales.

How To Calculate BSR (Best Selling Rank) For A Product?

Here I am using tck Publishing’s free tool amazon book sales calculator.  You need to enter the BSR without the comma, in the provided field and hit calculate sales.  It will give us the approximate daily and monthly sales.

Check Amazon Book Sales Calculator Here.

BSR Calculator

Tips: Don’t put any commas while typing BSR, choose book or e-book accordingly.

We can see that this book is making 93 sales daily and 1389 sales monthly.  On Amazon you can decide your own royalty, it can be one dollar per copy, 2 dollars, or three dollars per copy.

Let’s assume that the author decided one dollar per copy, then he is making around 93 dollars per day and if his royalty is two dollars then the royalty would be 186 dollars per day and so on.

So now you see that people are making money by creating notebooks and other low-content books.

Let’s create A Notebook!

Let me show you how easy to create a notebook.  So if you want to create a notebook, you need two things interior and the second is its cover. 

Let’s go to, click resources, and from the dropdown select “interior wizard”  You can see that there are many books that you can create for free on Book Bolt.  I personally use Tangent Template to create my notebooks.

I recommend Bookbolt because you will get some interior for free, and if you are new then you should checkout Bookbolt for sure.

Here you need to fill out some details like the dimension of your book, like if you want to create 6 times 9 book or 8 times 11 and so on.

Next, you want to fill in the number of pages for your notebook, here I am creating a 110 pages notebook, once you filled in all details, hit the download button and the PDF of 110 pages will be downloaded to your device.  Your interior is ready and you can use this interior for creating as many books as you want.

Now next step is creating the cover for your book, and you need the right dimension for your cover as it calculates all the pages and spine for your book.

How To Create Cover for Our Notebook?

Now to create a cover for our notebook, let’s head over to calculator, here you need to fill in all the information like binding type, interior type, paper type, page turn direction, interior trim size, page count, and once you finished, click the download Template.  KDP will create a perfect template for your notebook which you can upload to Canva and create a beautiful notebook cover.

So you can see that creating a notebook is quite easy and free.  But if you are serious about Amazon KDP, I would definitely suggest a paid tool like Tangent Template, because it saves a lot of time and effort.

Download the Interior and Cover Template Here.

So what’s the key to success on Amazon KDP?

Research: Key to Success!

I think creating a low content book is easy, and if you devote only a few hours a week, you can create recurring income for yourself.

It does not mean that every book you create will earn hundreds of dollars, but suppose you are making just a few notebooks in your spare time, you are creating an extra stream of income.

The best part is you can upload the same interior of 110 pages again and again, just create good covers and you are good to go.

Though it sounds very easy, the difficult part is research.

Creating an interior is quite easy but you need to research your niche properly. Researching is key to success!

There are many resources available where you can get free guidance like YouTube. You will find the tone of videos dedicated to low-content books.

I have created many books for Amazon, and as a Thank You I have created some freebies, Checkout my Freebies Section

So I hope you will find this information useful & inspiring. The main aim of this presentation is to show you an easy way to create income online and I hope you have found it inspiring, if so let’s start researching!

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