7 Chakra Affirmation: Easy Way To Start Chakra Cleansing

When was the last time you cleansed yourself energetically?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, which means a wheel or a circle or a spinning wheel of light, vortex, or whirlpool. We have the main 7 chakras, and they act as a powerhouse. Our health- physical, mental, and emotional depends on the healthy chakra system. But we tend to ignore the fact that we need to cleanse these chakras regularly.

Chakras and the role they play in our life is vital, but even if you take a small step towards balancing your chakra today, it goes a long way.

Just focus on the picture, and see what attracts you, colour, beej mantra, or affirmation. Anything will help you. You can either focus on the color or chant the beej mantra or chant the affirmation daily as much as you need.

Do not worry, even if your practice it just for 5 minutes, you will notice the changes in your life.

solar plexus yellow mockups
crown chakra mockup

The best part is you can print it at your home or have the files printed by your local printing shops

“…We may define the chakra as an energy center that spins like a wheel and opens like a flower. Metaphysical concepts, however, do not belong purely to the world of spiritual experience; scientific inquiry has in many cases confirmed age-old beliefs.” – Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama

Endocrine Glands and Chakras are closely connected

Our endocrine glands and chakras are interdependent and affect the functions of each other. A healthy chakra system indicates a healthy endocrine system in most cases.

Chakras provide us a color description, beej mantra, and geometrical patterns, so we can use color therapy, sound therapy, and mantra therapy effectively to improve the vibration of that particular Chakra.

So I have created this series of 7 Chakra Affirmation Wall arts, in each of them, has included all the above-mentioned elements.


8 thoughts on “7 Chakra Affirmation: Easy Way To Start Chakra Cleansing”

  1. Hi Jjivita & ntmu and thank you. This is a very awesome article. Love it. As I’m totally into this, I am a believer that we are having a human experience here on Earth not vice-versa, I do love and want to assimilate as much as I can in order to help improve the health and wellbeing of this body.

    So, looking & reading through “7 Chakra Affirmation: Easy Way To Start Chakra Cleansing” I completely realise that you are talking from your heart, with honesty and sincerity for your audience/public and this is what’s the matter everywhere! Dr Motoyama and many other practitioners affirm that there are 7 points in this body corresponding to our chakras. and this is perfectly right. Thank you for sharing this with us, is such a splendid article full of information. I also went to see the others canvas chakra, so superb.

    I have no question for you and I wish you all the blessings in the world!

    • Hello angell70, SH:)

      I am so happy that you like my Chakra Affirmation article and wall arts.  It always gives a little boost, right? so thanks very much.

      Dr.Motoyama deeply believed in meditation and I can tell you from my own experience that it will immensely helpful with connecting you to your subconscious mind. 

      What we are, always governed by the subconscious mind and meditation is a way or a tool to effectively communicate with our subconscious mind.  


  2. Hi Jivita. Very interesting post. To be fair Im not very familiar with chakra concept, but my mother is deeply interested in this type of spiritual philosophy. And as mother day is close it would be perfect gift for her. It looks elegant and be great add-on for every house. Thank you for an idea! 

    • Hello Cogito, 

      I think different countries have Mother’s day on different days, anyways, Wish your mom on my behalf too:)  

      It would be a great idea to gift her these Chakra affirmations, if she is interested in the topic, apply Coupon cp10 to get a 10% discount sitewide.


  3. Thanks for sharing this will definitely get one of the 7 Chakra Affirmation Wall Arts!

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Chakra cleansing but I only have one question I’m new to this, do I need to get a specific color or I can choose any color I like!

    Thanks again, I wish you respond fast 🙂


    • Thanks Mariem,

      Don’t forget to apply the Coupon cp10, to get a 10% discount sitewide:)

      Basically, your intention to cleanse chakra is good enough, but every chakra has its own colour, been mantra.  So when you focus on that particular color with the intention to get your chakra cleansed and balanced, it should give good results.

      If you don’t want to focus on colour, it will not harm you in any way but I would definitely recommend you to visualize the said colour if you want to work with a particular chakra.


  4. Many years ago I first heard about chakras and how to cleanse them. I did it for a while and felt such an incedible amount of energy flowing. It was an intense experience. I don’t know why I stopped. I would like to learn more about it, since my knowledge about it is basic. I love the printables you made! I checked them out and they all look beautiful and are great to put on the walls in the kitchen and hallway, or any room that you often frequent, to have that constant motivation and reassurance. 

    • Thanks Christine,

      You are right, for some, it can be a very intense experience.  So I made this Chakra Affirmation series where you can just chant the affirmation for the said Chakra and it will work fine if you practice it on regular basis.

      I am really glad that you like Chakra affirmation printables, it meant to give you frequent motivation:)


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