5 Benefits of Printable Activity Books on Your Kids

Activity books are popular among kids and parents for very obvious reasons.  Activity books are fun, engaging and at the same time helps in the mental development of the child.  It’s now proven by scientific studies that playing games, solving puzzles, and similar activities improve many brain functions.  Printable activity books can be a good solution as it’s very cost-effective and can be made available in many formats. There are many benefits but today we are going to discuss atleast 5 Benefits of Printable Activity Books on Your Kids.

What is a Printable Activity Book?

A printable activity book is like any other activity book that includes many activities for the kids and the adults at the same time.  It includes many activities like colouring pages, mazes, different games like hangman, Tik Tak Toe, word search, and trivia.

An activity book is a type of book, generally aimed at children, which contains interactive content such as games, puzzles, quizzes, pictures to colour and other elements that involve writing or drawing in the book itself. -Wikipedia

So obviously you find many games and activities for kids at one place that keeps them engaged healthily.

Why Printable Activity Books Are Popular?

Printable Activity Books are becoming popular because they are very cost-effective compared to printed ones.

Most of the time you receive printable activity books in a PDF format means it’s digital, and you can print it at your home or nearest local shop.

Because of its digital nature, you can print as many copies as you want, and thus saves you a ton of money.

Printed books, once used can’t be used again but printable activity books can be printed again and again.

Printed books have every chance to get torn or mishandled during transport or something like that and you can’t claim your money back from the retailer.

But printable activity books can be downloaded as many times as you want from the shop you purchased be it a woo commerce shop or on Etsy.

5 Benefits of Activity Books on Your Kids

Different games, puzzles, and activities play a major role in a child’s mental development and it’s proven time and again.

Coloring books are becoming popular nowadays and many use them as a therapy for their clients.  Carolyne, a psychotherapist- has started incorporating coloring as a tool.  Read in her own words.

It’s also important to note that these activities are useful for adults as well and help them calm anxiety.

1. Boosts Problem Solving Skills in Children

Solving mazes needs your child to plan, get from one side to another, try different strategies, and find a solution.  This can incredibly helps the problem-solving skills that can help him in the future also. The main purpose of playing these games is to increase the problem-solving skills of the kids.

2. Boost Patience & Persistence

Mazes come with different difficulty levels and with every level they learn new strategies.  They need to be focused, and have patience solving these mazes. Thus these games instill in them patience and persistence very effortlessly.

In a nutshell, we can say that playing mazes boosts patience and persistence, improves concentration, reduces anxiety, improves the attention span of both children and adults, improved learning capabilities and concentration in both children and adults.

3. Helps in Cognitive & Psycho-Social Effects

Many parents look forward to their kids playing this game because the children, as opposed to playing games, can practice their thinking skills.

This is an exercise in thinking or even just an intellectual workout. As such, having their children play maze game is a good opportunity for them.

The various cognitive and psycho-social effects that come out of playing maze games are significant.

It not only helps individuals to improve thinking and learning abilities, but also it helps to improve working ability as well as concentration.

4. Develops Visual Skills

Different games and activities hone their visual-motor skills, they try to concentrate and figure out different colors and their relation in the game or in a maze and thus train different motor skills which they will need in the future to draw and write.

5. Improved Memory

Different activities need a child to remember different names of places, fruits, and animals.  A study has done on the results of different games and activities on a kid and The result of analysis from the experiment.  It shows that the maze games were significantly affected the activity of the brain’s executive function.

On the other hand, the maze game caused statistically significant differences in the activity of the mental organization process, and it increased the activity of the intelligence process and working memory.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits solving different puzzles boosts the confidence of the child.  When you solve a puzzle a flush of pride, even for adults.

A maze is no different for a child, it boosts their confidence level when he completes a game level and becomes mentally prepared for solving the next puzzle of a harder level.

Different studies have made it clear that among the features of learning and the development of the mind, the most important one is mental development.

This is because the development of intelligence and behavior is a continuous process. A child who is well-developed at his level of consciousness will be a well-developed and wise man or woman.

Activity books can be a strong foundation builder for your kids, and it’s one of the healthiest ways kids spend their time.

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